Achievement goals:


  • Students in seventh and eighth grade will score above the state average on the 2016 Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) in English-Language Arts (ELA) and Math and the 2016 Science Measurement of Student Progress (MSP) - eighth grade only.


  • By May 2016, ALL Edgemont students will improve their ability to provide text based evidence in response to reading as measured by on-going formative assessments using a four point rubric. Most of the students will improve at least one level or maintain a passing level as measured by the rubric. Teachers will meet November 6th, January 15th, and February 17th, March 25th, and April 15th to examine student work samples and calibrate expectations.  


Other evidence of progress toward these goals will consist of:


  • Standardized assessment data (HSPE/SBAC)
  • SBA Interim assessment data
  • Classroom assessment data


To attain this goal, the Edgemont staff collectively agrees to the following:

  • Administer common formative assessments according to pre-determined and agreed-upon schedule
  • Implement the Edgemont RTI Pyramid interventions with a focus on supporting student learning (i.e. Tutorials, FLIGHT Time, etc.)
  • Teach Success Skills lessons with fidelity
  • Hold students accountable for our agreed upon expectations (i.e. binders, backpacks, positive phone calls, planners, etc.)
  • Assess and accurately report student progress via additional IPRs using the agreed-upon grading scale


Hold each other accountable for the implementation of our Collective Commitments.