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General Counseling Information

Edgemont Counseling Program

At Edgemont, we coordinate guidance activities that help students plan, monitor, and manage

their learning. One of our goals is to promote the academic, personal, social

and emotional success of each student while working in partnership with school

staff and families. Our program includes the following components:



In a confidential setting the counselors work with students to assist them in

areas such as:

• goal setting and decision-making

• academic planning

• career planning

• understanding self-including strengths and weaknesses

• planning for transition into junior high school and into high school

• developing positive attitudes and behavior,

• dealing with interpersonal relationships, and 

• crisis intervention 


Through classroom learning experiences, counselors assist teachers with
activities targeting the personal/social, academic, and career development of
students. This portion of the program may focus on topics such as:

• career awareness, exploring and planning

• test information

• interpersonal skills

• organizational, study and test taking skills

• graduation requirements

• four your planning

This part of our program is proactive and seeks to prevent problems by

developing skills in such areas as communication, decision-making, conflict

resolution, cross-cultural effectiveness .



We consult with parents, teachers, and other educational professionals. We

provide in-service for staff and parents concerning issues relevant to this age

group and their development. Through consultation we provide for the mutual

sharing and analysis of information and ideas to assist in planning strategies

to help students succeed.

The coordination aspect of our program involves managing various aspects of

indirect services that contribute to student success. Counselors serve as

liaisons between teachers, parents, support personnel and community resources.

In this role, counselors may:

• identify resources needed by parents, students and teachers

• provide interpretation of standardized test scores

• facilitate parent meetings with teachers

• consult, collaborate and team with staff



The junior high school years may be challenging at times for students with

their peers and families. The role of the counselor is to offer support to

assist each student in finding ways to handle these situations by: 

• providing individual and small group counseling

• crisis intervention

• peer relationships

• referral for individual or family support

• consultation and collaboration with other agencies